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Featured Article

Postcards from Fred, by Brad Whittington

How to Write Crazy: Going Off the Deep End

There’s one thing to remember when writing a character in the throes of a psychotic breakdown. While his dialogue may sound like random nonsense, it’s not. It’s nonsense connected by an underlying logic that has significance to the character.

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Claire Musters, Author and Editor

The Importance of Prayer in a Writer’s Life

The usual reason for feeling like I do is the sense of responsibility. I don’t want to send people the wrong way through my writing, so I absolutely want to write what is on God’s heart.

Book cover, Margaret Daley, Deadly Hunt

Mentoring: Pay It Forward

Margaret Daley, award-winning author of 90 books (5 million sold worldwide and counting), shares her passion for mentoring and why she believes all writers, no matter what stage they are in their writing life, should mentor other writers and be mentored in turn.