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To put it in layperson’s terms: Ready Writer Mag is for writers, and writers tend to be voracious readers. So if 70% of our audience are on Pinterest, then it makes sense for us to set up shop, there too.

How your book synopsis can help keep your novel on  track

How Your Synopsis Can Keep Your Novel on Track

When I was writing Eyo, I got carried away with creating a complex 10-year-old character, because I thought I would gain literary credits for doing so. When I got in over my head, I went back to the synopsis.

Blog Writing descriptive prose.

Writing Descriptive Prose: A Few Tips

I struggled with descriptions, because I thought they were too difficult. And, if truth be told, I was worried about adopting tired cliches – ‘the tawny specks in her drowning eyes’ is an extreme example, but one that gets the point across.