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Chioma Nnani

How to Create Relevant Fiction Characters

My favourite word while character building is ‘Why?’ If I don’t know why a character is acting in a certain way, I can’t sell that character to a reader. Even when it’s a character that I ‘love to hate’, my audience still needs to know where that character is coming from.

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Think of everything you do as a writer, from the first thought you put on the page, to the hundreds of interviews you do, to the many people you’ll meet, even how you respond to the negative reviews, as opportunities to build influence.


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To the ‘Christian plumber’, I would say that when I need my kitchen plumbing fixed, I wouldn’t search for a ‘Christian plumber’ online. And neither would I care if the plumber was Christian or not. I just want my plumbing fixed. Preferably, now.

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How to Write Crazy: Going Off the Deep End

There’s one thing to remember when writing a character in the throes of a psychotic breakdown. While his dialogue may sound like random nonsense, it’s not. It’s nonsense connected by an underlying logic that has significance to the character.