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Frank Peretti The Visitation

Weaving Christian themes in your novel

The eternal conundrum for Christian writers: do I go for straight hell-fire preaching, or do I dilute the ‘message’ of the book? Truth is; readers don’t like being cheated. They paid money for a good read. If they wanted a sermon, they would’ve gone to church, not bought a novel. It’s much better to concentrate on telling a good story, with strong, believable characters, and let your readers work out what the ‘message’ of your book is – if indeed there is one.

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Paul Stanier, Zaccmedia

Interview: Paul Stanier, founder, Zaccmedia

“Pick a publishing service that gives only what you need. Don’t spend money on what isn’t required. If you don’t want the full professional treatment but just want to get word out in a simple way, then choose cheaper options. If your ambition is to be stocked by shops, then you ideally need a full professional service. As a publisher, it’s painful to print a book that hasn’t been edited. Always source this service… But editing by friends, even highly qualified ones, is no replacement for a professional editor.”

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Guide to running a writing business

A guide to the business of writing

It’s the New Year and you’ve made a resolution to be a serious writer, i.e., earn money from your writing. But before jacking in the day job, think. A freelancer’s life is not a bed of roses. It takes grit, determination and – in a lot of cases – dry seasons of financial hardship before acquiring clients.

Reinventing Rachel

Book Review: Reinventing Rachel, by Alison Strobel

The first inkling I had that Reinventing Rachel was not going to be a mundane read was an Amazon review with the words: “Very disturbing”. And to call it a prodigal story would be doing the novel a disservice. It’s more than a prodigal story. It’s a story for any Christian who has ever wondered: What if I’m wrong about Christianity? Does prayer really make a difference?

Writer's block

Writer’s block: all in your head?

Some argue it’s an excuse for lazy writers, while others argue it’s a real issue that many writers grapple with. And then, there are some (usually, non-writers), who believe it’s part and parcel of the writer’s lot, a romantic ideal, so to speak, of the ‘tortured creative’.

Writer’s block: an excuse for lazy writers or is it all in your head?

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How to deal with disappointment as a writer

There are many great things about writing. But the rejection slips? Not so much. Here’s how to deal with disappointment as a writer and bounce your way back to writing success.