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Trials of Kit Shannon - Tracie Peterson, James Scott Bell

Book Review: Trials of Kit Shannon Series

I didn’t realise how much I’d been inspired by her character until I was struggling with a decision and I found myself asking: ‘What would Kit Shannon do?’ A truly great read.

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Caffeine-free drinks for late-night writing

Three Hot Drinks for Late-Night Writing

A personal favourite. Put a slice or two of lemon in hot water, add some ginger and honey for extra zing and settle down for an invigorating evening in front of the computer.

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Potato muffins - whether and dairyer

How to be a Food Writer

It’s easy to want to be everything to everybody, but you have a much better chance of growing your readership if you have a defined audience.

Kerry Nietz- Amish Vampires in Space

Interview: Kerry Nietz, Author, Amish Vampires in Space

When I mentioned that I wanted to write a book someday, [the elderly author] said “Start early, you might get published before you die.” I took that as motivation. It wasn’t long after that that I started calling myself a writer instead of a programmer.

52 Weekly Devotionals - Abidemi Sanusi

Devotionals for Christian Writers

Take your writing to the next level with these inspiring devotionals for writers – emailed directly into your inbox.