Interview: Luke Lewis, Pieter Kwant, Langham Partnership

Ready Writer Mag Interviews Luke Lewis, Publishing Operations and Pieter Kwant, Director, Langham Literature

Hi Luke and Pieter, and thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by Ready Writer Mag

LL: Thanks for having us!

First off, what is Langham?

Langham Partnership_LogoPK: Well, Langham Partnership is a global network seeking to equip the next generation of Bible teachers in maturity and Christlikeness.

We work in over 70 countries and we operate three major programmes: literature, scholars and preaching.

At Langham Literature, we work to provide Majority World pastors, scholars and seminary libraries with evangelical books and electronic resources, through grants, discounts and distribution.

We also foster the creation of indigenous evangelical books, through training workshops for writers and editors, sponsored writing, translation, strengthening of local evangelical publishing houses and investment in major regional literature projects.

More recently, we have also been involved in publishing some of those works.

Luke, what is your role in Langham?

LL: I manage the running of our distribution programmes and oversee the production of our own imprints and some of the partner publishing projects

Describe your typical day

LL: What makes the job great but sometimes difficult is that there is no typical day!

On the distribution side, I might be working with the team on the best way to get a certain shipment to a remote area somewhere in the world, or communicating with publishers and suppliers to develop better access to a wider selection of resources to support our distribution programmes.

On the publishing side, I can be passing on manuscripts, making sure they are ready to go to typesetting or coordinating finished books that are ready to go into production.

Also, a lot of emails throughout the day, which I guess is to be expected when you work globally from the North West of England!

More and more now, my day will also involve some sort of technical work in relation to digital production and the processes that support it.

And you, Pieter, what is your role at Langham?

PK: My role is to direct the literature programme and to enable and encourage our staff worldwide (Canada, India, Cote d’Ivoire and the UK) to provide the much needed literature resources.

Through my many travels, I also tend to be the first port of call for the many who would like to make use of the services we can offer.

Pieter, can you also describe a typical day for you at Langham?

PK: When in the UK, much of my time is taken up with emails, visits and Skype calls.

When travelling, I will meet with scholars, publishers, editors, librarians, attending conferences and networking with leaders in all spheres of life. All very exciting and mind and heart expanding.

Pieter, can you tell us a bit about Langham’s work in the UK, please?

PK: Even though many Langham staff operate from the UK, from our distribution centre in Carlisle, or our publisher Langham Partnership globe logodevelopment office in Inverness, our actual work is in and for the Majority World.

In an effort to further involve our many friends in the UK, we launched the ‘9-a day programme’, encouraging Christlikeness.

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